Men in esthetic in these times!!



It is getting common even men have esthetic treatment these days. I often go to esthetic salon to be better looking to be popular. LoL

I wonder every time why estheticians are so beautiful?

I am too conscious and wish erotic happening every time. LoL


I wish… such a girl served erotic massage!

Therefore, I searched for a place of erotic massage by beautiful masseuse. Then, it exists!

There is a massage club that combines kaishun massage, sexual feeling massage, and oil massage! I regretted a little that I had not known.


They say the masseuse becomes topless with a g-string on during body to body massage. That’s exactly what I wanted.

Those masseuses take lessons (by a professional instructor managing her own esthetic salon), so their massage feels great, and heavenly nuru hand job is included!


I tried the session. My opinion is simply “Terrific!”


Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club, Sapporo Outcall Massage Escort
[Phone] (+81)6-6212-1950 | [OPEN HRS] 9AM-5AM(GTM +9)
[Nationwide] | [Booking] online booking here | [skype] japanescortmassageclub

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