What is sexual feeling?



Name: Yui


Men ejaculate at the highest point of sexual feeling, and the sexual feeling is gone quickly after that. It is instant, so it feels like an anticlimax though it is an ecstasy. On the contrary, female sexual feeling lasts long, which is nice.


Thus, I wanted to maintain sexual felling and searched. Finally, I found sexual feeling massage, i.e. sensuous massage. And I called in one escort among them today. I have thought about that how a man makes a woman feel good only so far. I just get excited looking at a woman feeling good and cum. I believed so. 


But my sexual feeling was aroused like a girl, and I felt sexually so good that I gasped and moaned. And I got ecstasies beyond expression. It was beyond my imagination, and it was a newfound that I am so sensitive.

I noticed one thing. The escort girl made a very relaxing mood for me to relax comfortably maybe because I told that was my first time for sexual feeling play. When a man leads a woman, it is same. It is up to the mood how well you can relax if your sexual feeling is aroused or not. Sexual feeling depends on that how well strain is broken down, and that if you can open yourself. 


And I realized how shallow my experience and knowledge were. Gender does not matter to gain sexual feeling. I appreciate my experience and want to make this experience a good use in the sex life with my partner. And… I would like to call in the escort girl again secretly sometimes.


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